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Our customer needed us to remove his two old fiberglass tanks and upgrade to three new ones

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One of the many benefits of a Fiberglass tank, is that it seems to last forever. We’ve seen tanks that have been in the ground for over 30 years without leaks. The drawback is, that when the time comes due for one of these tanks to be replaced, the new fleet manager has no idea when the tanks were installed in the first place! Such was the case for our customer here, who needed us to remove his two old fiberglass tanks and upgrade to three new ones. We also installed fuel management systems on this facility and five fire stations in the area, ensuring accurate readings across the city.

For years Rick and his team at Excell have been helping us expand by building and maintaining our fuel systems. The highest compliment that I can give to a service vender such as Excell is that we know our fuel tanks will be built on time, to spec and at budget, and that in the future Excell will be there to help keep our systems running.

Logan Owens

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