The COVID-19 virus has affected individuals and businesses across the world. As our communities shelter in place to slow the progression of the virus, Excell Fueling Systems will remain open throughout the duration of this pandemic in order to ensure the uninterrupted operation of critical fueling systems for federal, state, county, and municipal governments, as well as hospitals, school districts, and airports.
We take the situation very seriously and have been monitoring the virus and its impact since its advent into the public spotlight. Excell Fueling Systems has adopted safety practices to mitigate the spread of infection and to protect our employees, customers and the community, including:
• Staggered work schedules to minimize physical contact amongst staff
• Screening employees prior to entering Excell’s premises to ensure they are not feeling ill, that they have not been in contact with persons who are ill, and that they are adhering to our policies and to local, state and federal COVID-19 safety guidelines
• Banning visitors from Excell’s office and jobsites
• Forgoing travel unless deemed mission-critical by the customer
• Enforcing 6-foot physical distancing in the office and on jobsites
• Limiting work vehicles to a single occupant
• Reminding all staff to wash their hands often and to disinfect surfaces in the office and in vehicles multiple times throughout the workday
We will closely monitor the situation and follow all federal, state, municipal, and county laws and guidelines regarding the virus and will alter our COVID-19 response plan accordingly.

Susan Rollins

President of Excell Fueling Systems